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Industrial Shack-Hartmann sensors


The ShaH family of industrial Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensors is intended for a wide range of applications including fast and precise quality control of optical elements, airflow analysis, measurement of laser beam parameters, etc. The flexible design of the ShaH system allows optimizing the sensor parameters for a particular application. An advantageous feature of the device is the use of high-quality telescopes. This allows minimizing the influence of the angle of incidence of the analyzed beam on the instrumental function of the sensor. A special high-precision algorithm for locating hartmannogramm spots centers provides high accuracy of measurements even in difficult viewing conditions.




dynamic range



measurement precision
(for aberrations up to 4th order),



entrance pupil diameter

up to 120 mm


input radiation power

starting from 100 W


time of single measurement

20 ms (standard)


number of frames
in one series
with possibility
of statistical processing

up to 1000
(depending on
the computer RAM size)



Windows 2000/XP/Vista


output data

  wave aberration map
(up to 55 Zernike polynomials)
  high order and total maps
  map of measurement's error
over aperture
  Strehl ratio
  spot displacement map
(raw data)
  unprocessed Shack-Hartman
image sequence


power source

  120/240 V
  50/60 Hz


power consumption 

<20 W



More details you can find [ here ]