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Adaptive MultiSpectral Fundus Imager




angular field of view

20×15 градусов


manual compensation
of ametropia

20 D


adaptive compensation
of ametropia

3 D


image sensor dimensions

30x20 mm


image resolution

3000х2000 pixels
(4000х4000 optional)


intensity levels

12 bit


image capture rate

1 fps


optical resolution

<3.6 m (in the center)


aberration measurement

36 Zernike polynomials


maximum aberration amplitude

20 λ


measurement accuracy



typical time of aberration
measurement and compensation

24 ms


optical filters

green, red, blue, narrow bands selectable





automatic (adaptive compensation)


illumination type

donut illumination with polarization-based
corneal reflection suppression


distance from patient eye

>45 mm


retina illumination

<6105 lux (<50 ms) (photographing)
<900 lux (alignment lamp)


light source

 32 steps of exposition settings
 255 intensity levels for alignment lamp


reference source wavelength

0,785 m


alignment camera resolution

640×480 pixels


auto focusing system

18-electrode bimorph mirror
with Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor


power source

 120/240 V
  50/60 Hz


power consumption

 optical unit: < 150W
 illumination unit: <400W


dimensions of optical unit

350×550×650 mm


 weight of optical unit

<40 kg



See also: Retinal Diagnostic Instruments with Adaptive Optics