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Поездка в США

2003 г. Сентябрь.


! Информация доступна только на английском языке.

In April 2002 in a framework of NATO SfP Program and Contract between IPLIT RAS and Kestrel Corporation the Spectral Fundus Imager System was delivered to Albuquerque. Albuquerque is a largest city of New Mexico State. We went there to realign the system after long transportation from one continent to another and to assist our American colleagues in operation of the apparatus. To our surprise despite the long travel by air and land, numerous shipments and unloading the optical apparatus needed very small realignment. So on the second day of our stay in America we could demonstrate the Fundus Imager operations on the Eye Model and start checking up the first group of patients. The Imager performed retina picture quality improvement in comparison with standard ones, obtained without adaptive compensations of eye aberrations.

Our colleagues were even surprised that the first, virtually experimental specimen of the device showed so bright results. Our stay in Albuquerque was wonderful! The car was rented, the apartments reserved, weather was nice (especially recalling April in Moscow), and landscape picturesque. We had enough spare time to travel over the State: to Santa Fe, Taos, and surroundings. Several times we were invited to local restaurants where we were so brave as to taste traditional cuisine and beverages. So, our impressions were incomparable. We even had chance to visit London on the way from Moscow to USA.