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Phase knife-based Wavefront Sensing

Supervisor: Dr. Larichev A.V.


Fig. 1

Reconstructing the phase profile of a light beam is necessary in many applications, such as optical metrology, adaptive optics, ophthalmology et al. All phase reconstruction methods are based on phase-to-intensity transformations that make the light intensity distribution sensed by a photo detector depend on the phase profile to reconstruct.

We have suggested to use an optical system comprising the spatial filter known as “phase knife” to quantitatively reconstruct the shape of a light beam wavefront (Fig. 1). Such a phase knife-based sensor has been studied both analytically and numerically. The corresponding phase reconstruction algorithms and sensor embodiment schemes have been developed. Some expedient applications has been suggested for the sensor developed.



Goncharov A.S., Larichev A.V., Wave-front sensor based on phase knife, Quantum Electronics. Vol. 35, N1, p. 91, Jan. 2005